8 Tips to Sell Your Home Fast!

Home for Sale & Tips for Selling Your HomeAs a seller, you may not understand some of the expectations of selling your home. Buyers have some expectations about how a home should look and what kind of condition it should be in. Also, there are specific expectations of people living in Calgary. Consequently, you might believe your house is ready to sell, when you actually need to make changes. In order to help you, I offer some tips to more easily and readily sell your house at a good price.

8 Tips to Selling Your Home

1. DeClutter and De-Personalize Your House

Potential purchasers want to imagine themselves living in the house. Remove from walls and store personal items such as family photos and religious artifacts. Clear bathroom and kitchen counters. Make space in all drawers, cupboards, and closets. Some experts recommend having closets ONE HALF full. Again, store items. Create as much open, clean and tidy space as possible.

Also make sure you tidy up the garage and the lawns. Remove anything that looks cute, broken or neglected on the property.

2. Let Go of What You Don’t Need

The more space you can create in your house while making it look comfortable the better. For items you are ready to let go of, have a garage sale or list the items on Kijji.

4. Fix House Details

Renovating before you sell is a bad idea because we all have different likes and dislikes. But a fresh paint job on the walls and fixing details such as door knobs, loose drawers or wonky doors is well worth the effort. First appearances make a big difference!

 5. Be Realistic About the Selling Price

Having your house on the market for too long can be a problem. You are wise from the beginning to get good guidance on the Calgary and area housing market. Request at least two estimates of the value of your house. Selling quickly is better for all involved.

6.  Be Careful about Smells

While your house is for sale, be cautious about filling it with smells that may be foreign to others from different cultures. One smell that all cultures appreciate is the smell of fresh cut flowers. Garlic, strong incense or some curries may be a turn-off.

7. Be Pet Free During Home Visits

Many people have pet allergies. Don’t risk having a potential purchaser turned off by a too friendly cat or dog. Make sure the house is clean and free of pet hair. Have somewhere you can take the pet during open houses and visitor appointments.

8. Bring in Light

Pull curtains and blinds back. Rooms filled with light look and feel bigger and cleaner.

 Interview and Find the Right Realtor

Finding a realtor who will walk you through the steps of selling your home can make all the difference:

  1. Listen to your wants and needs.
  2. Tell you the truth about the Calgary and area real-estate market.
  3. Help you set a realistic price for your house.
  4. Negotiate a good price for you.
  5. Help arrange for a lawyer, other professionals and trades as needed.
  6. Understand the unique challenges of being a first time buyer and/ or New to Canada.

Note: If you are New to Canada, it can help if your realtor can speak your home language.

Use these tips to help you in selling your home. It is sometimes hard being new comer to Canada but there are way to make the selling process go better for you.  I am here to help you sell your home with ease and flow.

Genet Mehari

Genet Mehari moved to Canada from Ethiopia, learned English, flourished as a Real Estate Agent and discovered how to endure Calgary’s freezing temperatures. She speaks Amharic, Tigrinya, and English. To book a Coming Home discussion with Genet contact her at gmehari@telus.net or 403.667.9749.