Meet Genet

Over 23 years ago I immigrated to Canada from Ethiopia. It was difficult to leave behind my family, my town and familiar culture. It was difficult to learn English, establish a family, and fit into a new community and country. Yet, I have learned to integrate my back home culture with being a Canadian.

Commercial cleaning gave me the money to attend Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, where I graduated with an accounting diploma. Eventually, I became a Real Estate Agent. Being a realtor gives me a chance to share my settlement experience in a number of ways. I love bringing people home to their dream house and to their own hearts.

When my husband and I decided we were ready to purchase a home, we gave our power and decision making to the realtor. We were not educated to know what to ask, what we wanted or what our rights were. We were merely lucky that our realtor did not take advantage of us.

It is now my mission to help and empower immigrants to have their own voice, to discover their desires, and make an informed home buying decision.

I live in the North East of Calgary and am involved with the Ethiopian community. With three languages, Amharic, Tigrinya, and English my clients have included those from my home, Ethiopia, as well as Canada, Sudan, Eritrean, Ghana and Nigerian.

Additionally, I have had the good fortune to develop and lead empowerment groups for immigrant women. My most popular workshop is called, Love Your Voice. I offer this and other workshops in the NE Calgary as my contribution to my community. Please take a look at Community Service.

My leadership involvement in my cultural community has included organizing traditional celebrations, many of them to mark our ‘back home’ holidays.

Genet Mehari in her Calgary garden
Enjoying my Calgary garden!

I have found ways to express myself in this wonderful, Canada. My Canadian discoveries continue. This year I have been developing my home’s garden; planting annuals, perennials, and brushes.

As a mother, wife, life coach, and realtor I have a passion and calling to share my reflections, knowledge and experience. It gives me great pleasure to see my clients come home!

If  I can be of service to you and/or your family please contact me by email or 403-667-9749.

Genet Mehari, Real Estate Associate