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Empowerment for Immigrant Women: Success Strategy Workshops

Genet Mahari leading immigrant women's workshopMany immigrant women have strengths, skills and experience to enrich their family, their community and their new country, Canada. Yet, their homeland culture has created barriers to them realizing their potential at work and home. Challenges of these women include:

  1. Comparing and seeing themselves as less than.
  2. Unaware of limiting habits and beliefs.
  3. Waiting days, weeks, and sometimes years to be noticed.
  4. Seeking approval from others.
  5. Lack of self-awareness, confidence, and support.
  6. Cultural separation of sex-roles.
  7. Not being seen, heard or valued.
  8. Staying small out of fear of being disapproved.
  9. Doubting their own experiences and knowledge.
  10. Lack of an empowering support system and asking, “Where do I belong?”

Participants will leave these personal development workshops with:

  1. Knowing they are unique, capable, valuable, resourceful, and lovable.
  2. An awareness of limiting habits and beliefs and how to create healthier ones.
  3. Ways to validate their own thoughts, desires, and worth.
  4. An awareness that they are the source of their own happiness.
  5. Improved self-awareness, confidence, and support.
  6. How to respectfully negotiate a different role for both males and females in the home.
  7. Communication skills to enhance confidence and relationships.
  8. Strategies for self-care, self-compassion, and self-approval.
  9. Valuing their own experiences, knowledge, strengths, and gifts.
  10. Knowing they are not alone and belong in a caring and vibrant community.

These workshops are my offering and tribute to my Calgary community. They honour my journey of immigrating to Canada from Ethiopia while helping other immigrant women come home to themselves.

You may be like me when I first came to Canada and for several years afterwards. You may feel alone, confused or helpless. I have had many people support, advice, counsel and mentor me. Please let me offer you some of what has helped me. We can move forward while honouring our home country. We can do this together!

If you are an immigrant woman or support an immigrant woman I welcome you to attend. Contact me with “I want to attend Empowerment for Immigrant Women workshops.” I will add you to the invitation list. 

Send me a message through  email or call 403-667-9749. I will respond ASAP! 

Love Your Voice: TRUST yourself to move beyond cultural barriers!

As soon as you trust yourself, you will know how to live. 
Johann Wolfgang von Goeth

You might be letting some back-home thinking and ways of being a woman stop you form being your best self. This workshop is for you if you are ready to take the next step to fully live in Canada–without leaving behind the wisdom, colour and sweetness of your homeland’s culture. 

We will explore the five TRUST points of Loving Your Voice: 

T:       Take time for self-care, your children and your marriage
R:      Review your beliefs
U:       Understand your beliefs and how they get in the way of your success
S:       Seek support to empower you in your goals
T:       Take baby steps to speak your truth and take action

Leave this workshop feeling like a self-responsible and empowered woman! 

Speak Assertively About How You Feel!

Do you stop yourself from being your best self by not speaking up? You may put others first too often and forget what you want and deserve. You have rights. You have the right to share what you feel and think. You also have the right to ask for what you want.

As immigrant women we often confuse speaking assertively with aggressively.  Staying silent helps no one.

We will explore the five TRUST points of standing up for yourself:

T:         Tell your truth. Listen to your feelings.  You have a right to feel what you feel.
R:        Reality Check. Learn to check your thoughts and your story. 
U:        Understand the Different Ways You Speak.
S:         Seek Support. Find healthy guidance. You do not need to struggle on your own.
T:         Take baby steps. Speak up to stand up for yourself!

Leave this workshop knowing how to honour your rights and how to speak assertively. 

My Money: How and When to Spend It and Save It!

We will explore how we have and spend our money. 

T:         Tell yourself the truth. Be honest about how much money you need, have and spend.
R:        Reality Check. Make your goals realistic.
U:        Understand Money.  Cash, Bank Cards (Bank Accounts), Credit Cards & Money Lenders.
S:        Seek Support. Your bank or a financial adviser can help.
T:        Take Baby Steps. Start a savings jar.

Leave this workshop with a money goal and how to achieve it. 

Empowerment for Immigrant Women: Success Strategy Workshops

. . . are sponsored by Genet Mehari’s Real Estate business in Calgary, Alberta.


To learn more, please contact Genet by email or 403-667-9749

Genet Mehari is an immigrant woman from Ethiopia who has successfully overcome many cultural and early childhood restricting habits and beliefs.  She is a mother, wife, life coach and in-demand, Real Estate associate. Genet has a passion and calling to continually learn and to share her insights, knowledge and experiences with other immigrant women. She helps them thrive in our Canadian communities.

  • Genet taught me a lot!

    “I learned from Genet to be free from limiting beliefs those hold us back. The most impactful advice Genet gave me was to act up on thoughts and or ideas promptly.  Genet said, ‘We can step away from our up brings that hold us back or limit us.’ Genet is positive, passionate to help people to progress. Genet is kind hearted, personable and trust worthy.”

    Frey Belay
    Middle school Educational Assistant 
    Calgary Board of Education